Media Appearances

A student movement run by youngsters aged 8 to 25 years old? Ascendance has had many media appearances highlighting the work we do to build the future! We’d like to thank the many dedicated reporters, showrunners and content writers who keep telling our stories to the world.



Adrian  , Aged 16

Adrian , Aged 16

"It's really good because they are our age so we can share our experience together and they know how we feel, so it's easier to talk to them"

Amesha , Aged 15

Amesha , Aged 15

Watching them juggle their passion and studies so well was very empowering and inspired me to do the same, resulting in me doing better academically!

Maha , Aged 15

Maha , Aged 15

"I just got 9 beautiful A's in my PT3 results and I would like to thank each Ascendance member for helping me on this journey."

Sharul  , Aged 16

Sharul , Aged 16

"They have helped me understand how to learn better, how to corrected my thoughts and have showed me that my life goals can be achieved"