Everything is a Plan of Nature


May 16, 2024 | 0 comments

Everything is a plan of Nature, whether you like it or not. It could be a lessons, a
test or something else entirely, but everything is still meticulously planned by Nature so that you will learn, grow and evolve.

It sounds really cool and easy to accept when you’re reading it here in this article, but in real life, we often forget this fundamental fact. Whenever a person, situation, or anything for a matter of fact happens, good or bad, we tend to forget that Nature is the one who is sending it our way to teach us something or to help us get some new skill or resource, to use on the journey towards our goals. Thus, no matter what is sent our way, we should not be so quick to make judgement of it until we find out what exactly Nature intends for us to learn from it, because if there were no lessons behind it, Nature would not be sending it towards us.

Even I struggle to remember this sometimes in my life, especially when I can’t immediately see what Nature is trying to show me. I, too, make judgement of some people or situations which I can’t see the benefit in. But even though I may not always see it right away, there’s always something important to learn from everything.

The other day I was stuck in a boring English class, wondering why on earth I was there. We were learning about basic grammar and sentence structures, which most of us already knew. In a class full of students where English was our first language, writing, speaking, grammar and all of that came naturally to us. We didn’t have to think about how to apply the basic grammatical rules of English in every sentence we write all the time. And we frankly couldn’t see the point of remembering the names of categories of words and things like that; we wanted to learn something new, something that we would be interested in.

And as much as I still agree with some of the things from the earlier paragraph, I’ve come to realise that although I didn’t really see the point of that class, it actually managed to help me out a lot in a way which I didn’t see at the beginning.

I only realised it when I was proofreading a project for a friend a while later. Her English was phenomenal but she was working on an incredibly important project, so she handed it to me to check and read through it. As I was reading through, there were a couple of things which I wasn’t sure if it was grammatically correct. There, I saw my Subconscious Mind, which had learnt from those English classes, use the basic rules of grammar come into play, conforming whether or not those sentences were okay or if they needed to be amended.

I was also pretty impressed with my Mind for sorting all that information. I didn’t remember what type of phrases or words belonged to which group of grammar, or well actually, I didn’t really remember any of the technical terms at all. Instead, my Sub gathered and absorbed the information that I needed, like the ways to apply what I’ve learnt and how to improve and enhance my writing skills.

So Nature sent me this class to improve my editing skills. And once again, it goes to show that Nature has a reason for everything that it sends your way. It wasn’t just a class which I had to go to, it was vital lessons that I needed to learn.

It also taught me not to judge so quickly and to have faith that Nature knows what it’s doing. I shouldn’t have deemed the class unnecessary. Instead, I should have remembered that Nature knows what it’s teaching me and I just need to keep an open eye and an open mind to find the lessons it has in store.

Have faith in Nature – it’s always teaching and it never takes the day off. So look out for the lessons and try not to make judgements.


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