Ascendance is a team of 4 Gen Ys and Gen Zs, inspiring people to become  more awesome and start living their lives to the fullest every single day. We  do this through a couple of ways:

Ace It Easy

[cl-ib image=”210667″ title=”Ace It Easy” desc=”A 6 month long program that guides youngsters to learn to ace their exams stress free and easily through understanding their Subconscious Minds while they pursue their passion” link=”” title_size=”24px” desc_size=”10px”]
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The Point Membership

[cl-ib image=”210670″ title=”Online Platform” desc=”Your online environment, providing you with written, audio and video content to guide and assist you while on the journey towards achieving your goals, the fun way!” title_size=”24px” desc_size=”10px”]
The Community

The Point – An Online Community


The Nation

Check it Our Yourself 


Official Corporate Partners

[cl-ib image=”210673″ title=”Branding with A Cause” desc=”Uniting companies, organization and everyda people to work together towards a better tomorrow” link=”” title_size=”24px” desc_size=”10px”]
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