The Community


Are you unhappy with the world?
Do you just do nothing every day and wonder why?

Do you feel like you are capable of much more in this world yet you just can’t seem to get moving? Are thoughts and words of others bringing you down?

Do you feel that everything is unfair? That there are too many open tabs in your brain? Are you bored with everything?

Do you feel like your life is out of the control of your hands and you want it back? Maybe you just hate everyone and everything around you? Do you really understand how and why your life is the way it is?   But most importantly,

Do you need a solution?

Well, we have a solution. For your problems, for the way your life is, for any of your complaints. You just need to work with us to find it.

Join The Community by Ascendance.

The Community

We’ll show you the solutions. We’ll give you the light to guide your path. Join our Community of Awareness where we not only help you get through the tough challenges and obstacles, but we’ll also join forces to build your awareness and learn about how to truly be happy and healthy and achieve the crazy things your Heart wants, no matter how insane it may seem.

What do you get from joining the Community?

The life changing Seven Basic Laws of Nature E-Book written by our very own mentor, Elango Thiyagu! Together with the Audio Book and a free Goal Setting Video, this package shines light on the Seven Basic Laws of Nature, showing people how Nature works, how to work with Nature and guiding them on their road of self-discovery. Ascendance’s entire existence is based off the book, so it is a pretty big deal and we suggest you read it!


Other than the fundamental E-Book package to get you started on your journey that is life, we have provided some extra, free stuff to aid you on your experience.

More Articles and A-logs tackling the topics about what’s happening to and around you. ‘Guides’ on all the things conventional and unconventional like how to go about stuff like being Truthful, Managing Time, Having Goals, Relationships, School and College Life and much more. Experience and learn through what we, Ascendance, have experienced individually and as a group via articles, A-logs and many more videos!

However, what we described really is an understatement; we’re just mentioning the jist of it.

So, what more free stuff do you get?

The Deep Side of Entertainment Series, a series of videos showing you the other side of your favorite books, movies and comics and what it says about you!

Full episodes of our Coffee with ET Sessions. That’s where we sit down and talk (and laugh, everyone laughs a lot during Coffee with ET, we mean seriously laugh) about the latest topics that everyone is waiting to discover more about.

Cofee Poster

And that’s only just the beginning! Get so much more, learn about who you really are, wake up from the system you’re stuck in, learn to express yourself and freely do what your Heart truly wants to!

Plus, more free stuff included:

Shots of Awareness – where we show you a completely different perspective of common, everyday pictures you can find on the internet

Daily Dose of Quotes – We will try our very best to bombard you every day with quotes just in case you need your spirits lifted or you need that extra boost of motivation for the day!

So what are you waiting for, join the Community’s one year membership now!

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