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The Ascendance Nation. Your own online world of awareness. A Nation built on awareness, solutions, following your Heart, doing what you really want, and most importantly, being truly Happy.

Welcome to a world where you’ll find people similar to you, where everyone is in the same frame of mind – wanting to be who they are and being able to do the crazy stuff their Hearts asks them to do. A place where you don’t have to be afraid to be you. A society built on Truthfulness, Creativity and Interdependence.

What do you get from joining Ascendance Nation other than an awesome environment of goal orientated people and those interested in change?

The ET Youth Empowerment Series (ET YES) – A library of videos from the live ET Youth sessions staring awesome guest speakers like Elango Thiyagu, and hosted by the amazing Rammya. With relatable topics and lots of laughs, it’s something you definitely cannot miss! We must admit, we just love becoming aware of the Laws of Nature, so what better way to do it than watch an interactive talk show session? The live audience asks brilliant questions, clarifying the topic at hand better thus occasionally getting the guest speaker to share his experience. Engulfed in all the fun the audience is having, both live and through your computer screen, there is a lot of awareness created, consciously and subconsciously.


Like how The Community package’s main highlight is the Seven Basic Laws of Nature, the Nation’s main feature is ET YES. And the best part? ET YES is also based off the Seven Basic Laws of Nature, teaching us about the subtle works of Nature’s Laws, sometimes so subtle, even we don’t notice it until we’ve watched the video a couple of times.

Together with the amazing, fun-filled ET YES package, we present to you the free items we’re including in this package:

Shots of Awareness Videos – where we show you short clips to boost your awareness!
Like the Shots of Awareness Pictures, but this time, we’re putting our acting skills to the test, with the help of some of our friends at ET Ideas of course.

Unlimited access to our Short Films, Articles, V-logs, A-logs, Discussions, Interviews, Guides and Videos that have never been seen before and will only be available to you guys in the Nation!

The XP Archive – Occasionally, we release these awesome videos where some ET Ideas associates share their knowledge and vast experiences via video.


ET Ideas, founded by our mentor, Elango, consists of many experienced and talented individuals. Since it would be almost impossible for them to clone themselves and place them all around the world, we’ve decided to use the internet to help get their years of experiences to you guys. Learning from the experience of others allows you to achieve your goals faster so that you don’t have to go through the same mistakes. With short clips of simple guides by our most experienced associates, you’d get a whole lot of tips from a lot of different people in different fields with different experiences.

Still not satisfied? Don’t worry, we’d like to make sure you’re well equipped when you start your journey of listening to your Heart! Join the Nation for all the perks of The Community and much, much more! You’re literally just one click away from all the amazingness and just imagine, we’re giving you all these free stuff. So much awareness based content provided in just one year, all accessible at your fingertips!

Be a Citizen of the Ascendance Nation. It’s the latest, most phenomenal, fun place to be!

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