ET Ideas Group: 30+ Companies & 45+ Associates

The four founders of Ascendance (Mathura, Heerraa, Sanadt and Harsha) first met each other in 2014 at the social business incubator platform known as ET Ideas Group. Here, they were exposed to numerous successful entrepreneurs who were following their hearts. ET Ideas was founded in 2008 and has developed over 30+ companies from start-ups to SMEs to multi-million dollar companies. Their companies are in industries such as IT & Web Development, Outsource Accounting & Business Advisory, Travel, Fitness, Education, Performing Arts, Video Production, Culture Shaping and more.

ET Ideas was where Ascendance first learned that we could follow our hearts, be holistically successful and create our reality. Applying this in our own lives and achieving small successes, we formed Ascendance to guide other youngsters to discover their passions and be the game changers of this world. Together, we are all heading towards one cause – solving world problems.

ET Ideas is where we started from and are still supported by them today in terms of resources, guidance and funding. We learn from the collaborative experiences from these entrepreneurs.

Thank you ET Ideas for supporting us and making our vision a reality throughout the years.