What Is Ascendance?

Founded in 2015, Ascendance is a social enterprise and youth movement, run by youngsters aged 17 – 22 years old, that is geared towards empowering today’s youth, enabling them to figure out their purpose and passion in life and achieve holistic success.


Our Vision

Building The Future by providing the resources, guidance and platform for youth to discover themselves, create sustainable careers and achieve holistic success while contributing to the sustainable development of society.

2000+ Lives Impacted

Over the past 4 Years, Ascendance has personally worked with and impacted over 2000+ youngsters while touching the lives of over 10,000+ people all over the world.

Personal Connection

The Ascendance team bridges the wisdom of the older generation to the younger generation through connecting to them by being youngsters themselves.

Enhancing the Human Mind

Ascendance creates awareness among youngsters on how they can better understand and utilize their Subconscious Minds and Goal Setting to achieve holistic success and happiness.


The Founders

Our Mentors

The Founders

Our Mentors


The Makings Of A Teenage Entrepreneur

Check out The Makings Of A Teenage Entrepreneur Book by our very own team member Harsha ! 

How Are We Building The Future

Phase 1: Awareness

We create and instill awareness in the young about the works of their mind, goal-setting and how their capabilities and potential are limitless to achieve their goals at a young age.


Phase 2: Personal Development

We work with youngsters on their goals and personal development by providing the right opportunities, resources and experiences. The Gen Z’s discover themselves, their skills and passions as they go through the monthly and weekly workshops, experiential learning session and more.


Phase 3: Startup & Business Development

Once participants have discovered their interests and skills, they start forming their teams, projects and social initiatives which not only benefit themselves but also society at large. Here, these Gen Z’s work closely with each other, are mentored by the Ascendance team as well as meet up with CEOs and investors in the field to further guide them with the right expertise. As the projects progress, they enter the commercialization stages and become full-fledged startups run by youth, now impacting the world at large.


Our Programs & Events

New Age Learner Conference

Xplore Junior Program

Ace It Easy Program

Ascendance Talks

Talent Box

Featured On

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