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Globetrotter Consultancy Sdn Bhd is a company that conducts culture shaping programs for the public and corporates. The variety of program they offer for corporates helps the team grow towards achieving the collective company goal, making them highly efficient and goal focused. As for an individual, these programs are gateways that help one explore and understand themselves, set goals that they want to achieve in life and work towards it!


Working with Ascendance

Just like Ascendance, Globetrotter Consultancy provides a platform for those who want to make a change in their lives, guiding them through the process of self-discovery, goal setting and achieving. While Ascendance works more closely with the youngsters, Globetrotter Consultancy handles adults with the aim of providing wholesome growth.

Together we hope to create a platform open to all to follow their heart and be happy, healthy and successful!

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Globetrotter CEO conducting Be At Your Best Program

Globetrotter Consultancy during Ace It Easy Press Launch

Globetrotter Team as guest speaker at ET Youth

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What Do They Do?

The Be At Your Best Program

The Be At Your Best program helps business change their culture by working on the habit patterns, goals and daily thoughts, words and actions of their people. They empower individuals to achieve individual happiness, health and success; hence creating high- performing teams and a culture of innovation that bring the organization to the next level

Inside Out Mind Body Solution

Inside Out Mind Body Solution is a uniquely designed awareness- based program that guides individuals to create wholesome wellness, balance an happiness by transforming from within.

360° Biz Transformation

360° Biz Transformation is a complete internal business transfomation program offered by Globetrotter Consultancy to aid companies in taking their businesses to the next level during difficult times.

Watch the Impact created by Newwave Synchronizer at SMK Serendah – one of the schools the underwent the Ace It Easy program by Ascendance through the contribution of Newwave Synchronizer.

Thank You Globetrotter Consultancy!

Ascendance and Globetrotter Consultancy have worked hand in hand in creating sustainable positive impact in the lives of many; the Ascendance team themselves having been impacted by the Be At Your Best program. Now, we continue to complement each others efforts as we partner tpgether to ensure that ou message amd cause can reach out to youngsters and people of all ages and background.