Branding with A Cause

Impacting Lives while Impacting Businesses

Providing the Platform to Collaborate towards Creating an Generation of Creative and Dynamic, Future Shapers.

Everyone wants to play their part in solving world problems. Everyone wants to be able to contribute to a better tomorrow even if it’s in the smallest of ways. Similarly, many businesses, organizations and companies do want to be part of the solution and truly want to make an impact in the lives of the community.

Ascendance provides the avenue for companies to work with the people of the world and community to work towards solving world problems despite their constraints in time, manpower, or the right resources.


At the same time, we make sure these companies benefit in their own businesses by creating a strong brand image and presence in the community; helping them expand their multiply their efforts in their own Marketing, Human Resource (HR), Branding, Public Relations (PR) and many other areas by partnering with Ascendance.

Brand Loyalty

With statistics showing that 76 per cent of millennials would rather support a brand or company with a cause, we help businesses and organizations become household names among the youngsters, thus earning their brand loyalty, while truly making a difference in the lives of many youngsters in need and the globe at large.

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Work with Ascendance to play your part in solving world problems! Talk to us to partner Ascendance and champion us in our journey towards empowering youngsters, creating the next generation of leaders, and discovering the solutions to world problems!
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