The Makings of A Teenage Entrepreneur


The Makings of a Teenage Entrepreneur

Find Out What Actually Makes a Teenage Entrepreneur

From answering questions like “Wow, you’re just a teenager?!” to managing  clients, projects and your business, the life of a teenage entrepreneur can be challenging, confusing and strange.

This book sheds life on the real life stories of Harsha who, at age 17, founded and grew her own start-up, Hear the hilarious, inspiring and occasionally stress- inducing experiences that a real teenage entrepreneur goes through and learn the tools that you’d need to get your own idea started.

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Explore The Real Life Experiences Of A Teenage Entrepreneur

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From the 18 Year Old Recipient of the Diana Award, 3x TEDx Speaker, Co- Founder of the Youth Movement, Ascendance and CEO and Founder of the startup,

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