An Aim or End Destination for your Life, set by following your Spiritual Heart, typically in areas of (Happiness, Health, Education/Career and/or Passion)

Following your Heart

Following Your Spiritual Heart’s Desires as absurd as they may seem.

Spiritual Heart

The Heart that connects you with the universe and guides you through your life.


The way in which you understand, see interpret an idea, experience or anything really. Your perception of the world forms your reality and therefore it is very important to be aware of how your perception is affecting your day to day life.

Goal Related Action

Doing Things which are related to your goal and will lead to achieving your goals.

(PEIS) Reacting

Allowing the physical senses to control our thoughts and emotions.

(SIEP) Responding

Allowing Conscious Thought and Understanding to control our thoughts and emotions.


Feelings we experience ranging from anything like anger, annoyance, frustration, to happiness, fun, and excitement.


Ability to think and understand any concept or experience.

Energy & Matter

Same thing at different frequencies which will change. One of the strongest forms of energy is our Thoughts.


A part of a person which allows for consciousness & thought.

Subconscious Mind

Part of the Mind which is a storage unit for our experiences and habit patterns. Responsible for ensuring we continue our lifestyle.

Conscious Mind

Part of the Mind which enables Consciousness and clear thought.


The Emotional, Intellectual and Physical Characteristics of the place, people and ideas you spend most of your time in/with.


Something that stops you from reaching to some destination, usually used by us to describe situations that brings us away from our goals.

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