Achieving Academic Excellence with Ascendance

Achieving Academic Excellence with Ascendance

Harsha is an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania, an Ivy League University in the US where people like Elon Musk and Warren Buffet are alumnis.
Heerraa is studying at Harvard, another Ivy League University. Sanadt starting his semester this October in Toronto Film School in Canada. Mathura even won the Monsta Award as a Student Key Opinion Leader.

How did they achieve these extra-ordinary academic excellence when in the last 5 years they were busy doing programs for other students? They were just ordinary students. How did they grow to become extraordinary students with amazing results?

Ascendance founders along with a few others will be sharing how they are winning awards and achieving academic excellence through the work they do in Ascendance and secure a place in premium universities in their field. Not only are they balancing their studies well but they are also guiding others to do it as well.

Do join us to hear the secrets of their success!

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