Meet Our Mentors

We are very grateful to have mentors from many different groups including our teachers, parents, and friends who are willing to contribute their time and energy to guide us and our students to achieve our goals.

Our Strongest Pillar of Support

ET Ideas is a social business incubator platform that was founded in 2008 and has developed over 30+ companies from start-ups and SMEs to multimillion dollar companies. Their companies range from industries such as IT & Web Development, Outsource Accounting & Business Advisory, Travel, Fitness, Education, Performing Arts, Video Production, Culture Shaping and so much more.



Ascendance’s Founding as a result of ET Ideas

The four founders of Ascendance (Mathura, Heerraa, Sanadt and Harsha) first met each other in 2014 at the social business incubator platform known as ET Ideas Group. Here, they were exposed to numerous successful entrepreneurs who were following their hearts and decided to pursue both their individual entrepreneurial journeys and the collective goal to develop Ascendance.

Youngsters who came through Ascendance, being developed by the CEO’s in ET Ideas

The young minds who come through Ascendance are now being mentored by the successful entrepreneurs in ET Ideas, where they get to meet these amazing individuals, learn from their vast experiences and receive feedback and guidance on their many projects.

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