Meet The Team

Who are the people behind Ascendance?

Introducing Our Mentor - Elango Thiyagu

Founder of ET Ideas, has developed many successful companies and invests in people
– A cool 45 year-old, although he claims he’s 29 years old
– takes care of the team and our sanity, comes up with revolutionary ideas

Our Mom & Rockstar

– Singer, songwriter and performer
– High spirits, bubbly and really fun
– takes care of content quality, great spokesperson and comes up with amazing content.

Team Leader - Head Poncho

– Team Leader of Ascendance, superstar accountant
– hilarious, super cool, hyper and professional awesome person
– takes care of nearly everything and anything, manages and overlooks things, makes sure team members are constantly sane (or as sane as the Ascendance team can be)

The Enforcer

– Inspirational Public Speaker
– Dynamic Gen Z who gets stuff done in lightning speed.
– takes care of setting appointments for the team to work with companies and schools


The Director Dude

– Film-maker, director, script-writer and editor
– The Chill dude, with inspiring speeches, whom occasionally stands like Superman
– takes care of content creation, video editing and a great team player