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What Is Ascendance?

Ascendance is a group of 4 dynamic (slightly hilarious and mostly crazy) youngsters aged 15 to 21, connecting to the world, getting people to start working on their passion and becoming successful in that; inspiring them to live life awesomely.

Basically, we do this many many ways, click here to find out how.

Inspiring Hundreds of Youngsters Globally

Ascendance has personally worked with over hundreads of youngsters – getting them to grow in terms of Happiness, Health, Education and Passion.

Ace It Easy – The Nationwide Movement

Ascendance is working hand and hand with the Malaysian Ministry of Education to pilot and conduct their’Ace It Easy’ workshop across Malaysia in 2018. The program aids students to ‘ace their exams’, stress free and easily; while pursuing their dreams, starting at a young age.

Online Platform

The Ascendance Nation and Community are online platforms – filled with entertaining, fun yet awareness creating content, Ascendance’s online platforms are set to get everyday people to learn more about themselves, and how they can acheive success in all areas of their lives

500+ Lives Impacted

Over the last year, Ascendance has personally worked with and impacted over 500 youngsters while touching the lives of over 1000 more people all over the world.

Personal Connection

The Ascendance team bridges the wisdom of the older generation to the younger generation through connecting to them by being youngsters themselves.

Enchancing the Human Mind

Ascendance creates awareness among youngsters on how the can better understand and utilize their Subconscious Minds and Goal Setting to acheive holistic success and happiness.

Branding with A Cause

Everyone wants to play their part in solving world problems. Ascendance provides the avenue for companies to work with the people of the world and community to work towards solving world problems despite their constraints in time, manpower, or the right resources.



A series of interactive talkshows aimed to create awareness on various, relatable yet mind- blowing topics – providing an environment for growth, learning an fun.



Workshops, programs, and experience- based activities that have transformed youngsters into motivated individuals, excelling in all areas of their lives – Happiness, Health, Education, Passion and Personal Growth. Ascendance’s trailed and tested programs creates the leaders and successers of the future.


Online Platform

Ascendance provides fun, entertaining content that aims to inspire the awesome in you to learn about yourself and keep you focused on your goals – providing a constant source of support on your journey towards your goals.


How Can You Be Part of This Movement?

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